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Ok, but just barely.  I am about 1cm dilated.  My NST was perfect (and still non-stressful at the Birth Center).  Blood Pressure good.  Took Group B Strep test…waiting for results.

All Systems Ready.
Come on Aellyn!  Mama wants to kiss you.
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    go to section of 3 or 4 items-click on password. It brings you to here. I don’t think you want to be associated with these scammers.

    And btw-best of luck with your baby.My last thought before birth of mine was-there’s only one way now-out for the baby-for the pain to ease.But it’s wonderful!

  2. Wow, not long to go now!! Very exciting.

  3. Yeah i’ve been getting comments due to this. WordPress (which I’ve left) is automatically adding my post as “related” for some reason! I’m glad I left wordpress.

  4. 1 cm is a lot. That’s where I was when they induced me and I comved pretty fast after that. Can they tell if the baby is in position? I could tell when she dropped. It felt like everytime I stood up she would fall out!

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