It was exactly one year ago today that we had our appointment with Dr. Austin at the Cleveland Clinic Fertility Center.  2008 was Operation Get Knocked Up!  however, we thought we would be pursuing donor sperm – we had picked out clinics and browsed donor registries.  And, of course, we had “come to grips” with our child not having DH’s gorgeous chocolate eyes.  I don’t think you can really come to grips with that but when you can talk about it without crying that’s as good as it gets.

What a treat we had in Dr. Austin.  Compared to our previous RE she was sensitive and took her time to get to know us.  And, God bless her, she saw something in us that told her we would appreciate the chance at IVF. Look at us now!  Bloated, waddling, carrying around a bottle of Maylox and swigging from it like a drunk on Mad Dog!  LOL.  What a blessing.  Blessing.  Blessing.  
I’ve been transferring all my old blog posts from 06 and found this quote “If (when) I get preggo this month I will be due…Valentine’s Day. Cool.  Please, please, please, please, please give me a Valentine’s Baby!!!”
God was listening – I just needed to be patient ad wait for his time.  Now I’m getting my Valentine’s baby!
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