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“Pregnancy Glow” my a$$!

I think pregnancy glow is a huge societal lie we’ve all agreed to believe.  I’m glowing all right – my overly greasy skin shines like a vegas hotel room.

Pregnancy is oily, pimply, farty, burpy, and…HAIRY!  Not only is the hair on my head growing at lightning speed but it is growing elsewhere.  I’ve always been really lucky with sparse and blonde body hair.  I can get away with not shaving my legs way longer than my darker, courser haired friends.  Not anymore.  I have weird hair elsewhere also.  My linea nigra I was so happy about – it is now highlighted by what can only be called a “happy trial.”  Several dozen hairs – dark hairs! – in a line from my belly button to my nethers.  Ugh.  Ok, how about this bizarre (but fortunately blonde) 4-5 inch hair growing out the side of my neck!  And the freckles!  Lots of extra ones.  And red ones – called cherry angiomas – all over.  At least I think I can make out the red freckles from the pimples!

Glow on!

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  1. I remember the horrible, evil pimples. Ugh. My entire face broke out for a couple weeks every trimester. I felt so ugly.

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