First, I had to cry at this story of a healthy little boy that died just 10 days after getting the MMR vaccination.

I am officially on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy.  After 4 weeks of limited activity and treatment there has been no improvement in my symptoms.  Well, Friday evening my boss called me and wanted my doctor to call the on-site doctor to review my case.  What??  I didn’t even know what to say.  Is that legal?  Why?  She mentioned that my previous notes had been vague.  I agree they were very brief slips about my condition.  But why not ask for a more detailed letter?  Why require a second opinion.  This guy isn’t even working in the obstretical field.  What does he know about pregnancy complications?  What about my right to privacy for my medical records?  Needless to say my stress level has been through the roof all weekend.  I’m trying really hard to relax since I can’t do anything about it until Monday.  I know it will all work out.  My biggest problem is I never know what my boss’ issue is.  Maybe she is just worried about my working from home when I should be resting…she may be concerned about ME but the thing is I never know.  She is extremely diplomatic and…cautious in her wording.  It is nice sometimes and other times it is just confusing.

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