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Rosa Parks Sat…

…So Martin Luther could walk…so Barak Obama could run. (Jay-Z)

I’m so proud that my daughter will be born in the year we swear in our first African American President. The Future is upon us! I mourned Gore and Kerry but maybe it was all setting us up for this great moment.

Ok, I’ve been mostly keeping my direct political feelings out of this blog. I don’t know why. It really isn’t me to hold back! I guess it is because my family and friends read this. I don’t know why but today something broke in me. I can’t stay silent anymore. So, here goes.

If you claim to be a Democrat but you are voting for McCain you are a racist. You. Are. A. Racist. Don’t get me wrong if you are a republican or you now agree with the republican platform then fine. If you believe in Regan era trickle-down economics, want to pay taxes on your healthcare, and watch troops die in Iraq for no reason, then fine – vote for McCain. But, don’t tell me you are pro-choice, pro equal pay, an environmentalist, pro gay marriage, for middle class tax cuts and stopping companies for shipping jobs overseas and you are voting for McCain – actually go ahead and vote for him, but could you put on a pointy white hat – you are confusing me. Yes, I’m talking to you Mr. I-don’t-like-people-from-Chicago and Mrs. He-wasn’t-raised-in-America. Your lame attempts at convincing yourself it isn’t because he’s black are about as thin and limp as your pathetic excuse for a spine.

Now, I have friends who are Republicans (I’m working on their reform, wink, wink) and this does not apply to them. I don’t agree with them but I respect their right to feel the way they do. This is different and I hope I’ve made that clear. I won’t stay silent about it anymore. Racism is wrong and those of us who know it need to stand up and say “we won’t take it anymore!” We won’t stay silent.

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