I am just returning from speaking at a conference in NYC on Information Discovery.  It was really fun.  We stayed at the Yale Club of NYC.  Think lots of older white men being served by brown people.  It is crazy to me that there are still places in the US where this is still the norm.  I also got to see Gypsy on Broadway!  With Patti LuPone!  It was so fun.  Baby’s first musical!  🙂  If you are familiar with the show then my title makes sense to you.

Only 2 weeks until my baby shower.  I’m so excited about it.  DH bought pink Chuck Taylors for the event – so cute.  He also always gets me flowers when i return from travel but this time he got Aellyn a pink bunting suit.  Isn’t he sweet?

Next wenesday we start our 3rd trimester!  It is just surreal to me how “routine” this pregnancy has become.  To think that a year ago we were tearfully praying about moving to donor sperm and lamenting the loss of biology for DH.  Now look at us!  I have a kicking baby girl growing inside me!  It is just amazingly humbling and beautiful.  What a blessing.

For my dad’s birthday we bought him I Already Know I Love You by Billy Crystal.  If you haven’t read this book run out and get it.  I cried my eyes out.  It was like it was written for me and my dad.  It is written by a grandpa waiting to meet his daughter’s daughter when she is born and all the things he can’t wait to show her and how he already loves her.

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