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I can’t wait…to dance!

Ok, new series of posts planned. DH and I were talking about what we are most looking forward to in parenthood. I’m going to post them a little at a time.

I can’t wait to dance with my child. When they are little just twirling them in my arms…and later I can move the furniture out of the way and teach them to jitterbug like my mom did with my sister and I.

I love to dance and I love music. When I was a kid it felt like we danced every day. My dad would put records on and I’d dance and dance. I said when I turned 5 (and was, of course, all grown up) Dad would take me to Yew Nork City and he’d play records while I danced on stage.

So with dreams of dancing with my children, this one’s for Mom:

And for helping me with my first career aspiration (and every one after that), this one’s for Dad: (I could only find a sims video but the song is what counts!)

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  1. Love this one. Thanks

  2. I thought Johnny Rivers sang that, but that doesn’t look like Johnny Rivers. Who is it? Love your blog

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