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Well any stress about being off shots has been gobbled up by having a bladder infection.  In hindsight I had many symptoms but since I’ve never had a UTI before I attributed everything to a pregnancy symptom.  I’m on an antibiotic now and hopefully we can get over this and move on.

We also talked to our midwife about prenatal testing.  DH and I both agree that we only want testing that will show a problem that can be fixed in utero or immediately after birth.  For example, spina bifida can be corrected with fetal surgery or surgery as a newborn.  Knowing this would help us and the doctors be prepared.  We do not want to know anything non-life-threatening about our baby.  We want to meet and love our baby and get to know him/her and all his gifts.  If you are having trouble reading between the lines what I’m saying is we will not be doing any testing for chromosomal abnormalities like Down’s Syndrome.  I think something like that is much harder to deal with in the abstract and much easier to swallow with a beautiful baby in your arms.  People with mental disabilities are wonderful souls and we would be blessed with our child’s strengths and weaknesses whatever they may be.  I heard on the radio that 90% of women who are told their baby might have Down’s or another chromosomal abnormality choose to abort.  This infuriates me and not even from an anti-abortion standpoint.  I think this is insulting to every person out there with Down’s.  I mean, have these people never meet someone with mental disabilities?  They are usually the light of the world filled with joy and kindness.  How can they not be meant to be born.  Stop.  End.  Rant.  Thank you.

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  1. agreed. I chose to not have many of the prenatal tests available for the same reasons. Having worked with children and adults with congenital disorders, I know first hand how wonderful and beautiful persons with them can be. They are truly unique souls and I have gotten so many gifts from caring for them.

  2. Sorry about the UTI. I agree and don’t think when the times comes that we will be doing any ‘test’ either. We worked so hard for this baby, we would love it no matter what. So, I feel the same way you do. 90% is a big number. Wow!

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