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Also, I got a question about how I’m 6 weeks pregnant and I noticed my ticker on the right says I’m on day is all kind of confusing so here’s an explanation.  My pregnancy started on 5/8 because this was the first day of my last menstrual period.  That’s they way the date it!  So by the time I got to Egg Retrieval I was already 2 weeks along.  By the time the 2ww was over I was already 4 weeks.  Now, the ticker over there is talking about the age of my fetus – my fetus was conceived (egg meets sperm) on 5/22 because that was the day of my Egg Retrieval.  on 5/22 I was already 2 weeks pregnant by traditional dating.  So, both the ticker on the right and the “We are 6.0 weeks pregnant” are correct – one is using gestational measurement (the length of pregnancy – 40 weeks) and the other is using the developmental age of my baby (38 weeks beginning in week 2).  Confused?  I am now six weeks pregnant and my baby is 4 weeks old.  If I deliver on my due date (yeah right) I will be 40 weeks pregnant but my baby will be 38 weeks old.

I’m glad I could clear that up.  =/

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  1. LOVE the cartoon. LOVE IT.

  2. I love hearing you say “my baby!” It is so exciting! My mom is so happy. She’s been lighting candles at church for awhile.

    Did you know that Wilson and his wife are expecting also? Jay is due in January.

  3. I know isn’t the dating crazy. My last IVF, (chem preg, oh well) I was dating my due date (hopeful) and it was cool cause just two weeks after transfer I was 4+ weeks pregnant I was like woo hoo!

    Anyway SOOOOO happy for you xoxoxoxoxo

  4. WEIRD…LOL!!!

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