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2nd Beta!

My beta today was 5,434.  Yes, five THOUSAND four-hundred and thirty four.  Woohoo!  Since I’m not really sick or anything it is hard to “feel” pregnant so this verification that all is well was much needed.  Our first ultrasound is scheduled for next Tuesday! I can’t wait to see a heart beat.  Here is how my beta increased compared to others.  

You can see I’m on the high side for singleton (one baby) but HCG values can never diagnose multiples so we just have to wait it out.  As my dad said, one is enough for us (even if more would be a blessing).

DH had his first Father’s Day yesterday.  I didn’t go crazy or anything but I did get him a card specifically for Daddy-to-be.  Who knew those even existed?

My biggest symptoms are exhaustion (I slept 11-12 hours several nights last week) and sore breasts – like crazy sore get these things off me sore.  I guess I’ll keep ’em around.  🙂

BabyCenter has a great tool for visualizing how big your baby is.  Here is an idea of where I am at 5 weeks.  that is a quarter and a sesame seed.

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  1. Love your graph and the visuals of the size compared to fruits and veggies. Watched the NatGeo CD. WOW. I got very emotional and cannot see me being much help while my child goes through that. I have always risen to the challenge of the needs of my children – so I’ll have to hope my instincts kick in when the time comes. Can’t wait until Tuesday. I’m glad Dad saw the CD. It might prepare him a little. He didn’t get to watch you being born. Love you.

  2. Ceiba told my sister that you were preggars and that all you guys wanted was a healthy baby. 5 minutes later she turned to my sister and said “I know aunt paige will have a healthy baby because I can feel it way down in my tummy” LOL. She is also DETERMINED to send you guys some change to come see us……maybe after the baby (or babies**HOPEFULLY**) you guys can come down. We will be up that way next July so we will definetly have to make a pit stop. Love you guys!!!!

  3. Wow how cool!!! Love the graph and pic comparison too. How exciting! Sending you big fat hugs my friend. xoxoxoxox

  4. Congratulations! I am trying to draw courage from all the success stories. Very happy for you.

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