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Can you be a little bit pregnant?

**secret post; not to be published until after 6/9**

Ok, so blogging has been for me one of the great joys of infertility. It is theraputic and I have made wonderful friends in the IF blogosphere. I also use it to communicate with family and friends so I don’t have to answer the same question 5,000 times. This can have a down side – sometimes I can’t post things because I know it will affect someone. Regardless of the outcome I will publish this after 6/9’s beta.

Yesterday, after I got home from my ordeal at the bank I looked at the pregnancy test I had taken that morning. Now, you are only supposed to read results for 10 minutes and then NEVER LOOK AGAIN! But, I’m keeping them as record so there it was. I just glanced down at it and swore I saw the phantom of a line. I mean ghost – you had to tilt it and squint and stuff. Total evaporation line right? I was excited because I’ve taken hundreds of HPT and never had an evap line but at the same time not something to call home about (hence not publishing this because I don’t want to hurt anyone that has a stake in this too (Mom)). I showed DH and he saw it too by employing the squint and tilt method.

Move to this morning… I got a faint – not phantom, but faint – positive with FMU within 60 seconds. Here is a pic:

Do you see that? I do and so did DH. I bought FRER tests to try tomorrow because it is more sensitive.

I’m afraid to say it out loud almost but I think I might be…pregnant!

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful surprise. I am so happy for you. You will both make great parents not to mention how great we will be at Grandparenting. Another Great moment to remember. Love

  2. Oh, how I hope you are right! I was not so lucky and today turned into CD1.

    What is that test? I have not seen that kind. Also what are FRER tests?

  3. I have lurked here for a few weeks and have just been hoping and praying for good news — please know that I an rooting for you and hubby!


  4. Girl, that is a line!! Loud and clear, baby!

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