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17 ICSI Pixies!

OMG, I’m a mom. My DH is a dad. We have 17, fertilized, unique, individual embryos (zygotes) in petri dishes 40 minutes away. This feeling is so much more overwhelming than I could of imagined. First I am thrilled that DH’s boys could do it. They might not be swimmers but darned if they can’t knock up an egg! woohoo! Next I feel this amazing warm rush of love that I have babies. DH said “I just want to go up there (to the lab) and watch them grow, talk to them.” Amen. That is exactly how I feel. Like I left my babies far away. Like they need me. Then I feel so…humbled. The amazing miracle of God through science that let us make babies! I know that some won’t grow but I want them all to. I don’t want to lose any.

God bless ICSI!

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  1. Awesome! Here’s to sticky dust!

  2. Amazing!!! Don’t worry, your embryos have each other even if you and their dad aren’t there! You’ll get them soon!!

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