I’ve been on a little bit of an infertility advocacy kick.  My sister has a rare disease called psoriatic arthritis and I always thought she would feel more powerful if she became a crusader for it.  I am now part of the Women’s Advisory Group where I work.  (Even though I realize this is not just a women’s issue) This provided a great forum to talk about infertility.  The idea was well received and it was..well…invigorating!

Ok, long story short – I wanted to find some swag and headed to Resolve, where I can’t find a single shirt! (tell me if I’m wrong).  I went to Cafe Press, which has a little (and alot of cute things for IVF babies!).  Nothing that got me excited.  So, I made some up myself.  I mostly made it so I could get one but I also made a “store” called 1 in 8 at Cafe Press if anyone else is interested (see my two designs below).  I wanted something about raising awareness.  I often say if I had <fill in blank of illness> everyone would understand without an explanation (or stupid advice).  I know lots of people find infertility a very private matter but no one can advocate for us but US!  Anyways I’d love feedback on the shirts, mugs, and bags!  If you want something specific I can make it.

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