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LH Surge (or how I hate Ovulation Predictor Kits)

If I never see pink lines again it would be too soon.  It seems a cruel twist of fate that the one thing infertile women want to see…2 pink lines…can be so hard to discern on an OPK.

For those of you who don’t know 2 pink lines on a pregnancy test means YOU”RE PREGNANT.  On an ovulation predictor kit it means…ummm…well…i’m not sure…it depends…look over here in this light…no angle it more toward the right.  Does that look darker? lighter?  You would think that modern science (that can put a man on the moon, right?) could come up with a better method.

“ferning” in my saliva?  Please…give me a break.


AH, continuting to find humor is what makes this all livable.  So, LH surge…that means we go in for insemination tomorrow morning.  I haven’t been to work all week due to the Clomid-side-effect-loop I’ve been in.  Cest La Vie.

I keep reminding myself that our chances are 1:1,000,000.

Still a chance though!

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  1. What brand of ovulation test is this? Specifically?

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