Well, if you happened upon my blog yesterday it was “blocked due to bandwidth overage.” Since so many people are viewing my blog I actually went over the allowable amount of bandwidth for my (free) account with Eponym. I knew it would be back up today since we began a new month – so I didn’t upgrade to a paid account. I’ll see if June does the same thing and then decide if I want to upgrade.

I have to say it would definitely be worth them $ to keep this blog opperational. I’m so overwhelmed by how much this blog, and the comments people post have helped me through each day. It is humbling to have the invisible community of sisters who care about what is going on with me and are supporting me everyday. What a blessing. I set up this blog to vent and journal – I didn’t realize that the best thing I would get out of this is a network of friends.

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

Well, today I am 9dpiui. I’ve had AF type cramps on and off the past few days. I rocket between excitement/hope and failure/despair. The mood swings are enough to give me whiplash! Even though some people consider it foolish I plan to POAS tomorrow morning. I figure if it is BFN, I won’t be devistated (because it is not over till you know who shows up) and if it is BFP I can start celebrating (read: worrying about doubling!).

I will keep my wonderful blog friends posted!

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