I’m cycling girls!

My RE recommended IVF which is of course completely out of the question for us financially since it is not covered by insurance. How wonderful that some money-grubbing insurance scum bag gets to make medical decision that over-ride my medical professional.

But, I digress.

So, let’s try IUI! Do I want to do a natural cycle?, asks the nurse. No, says I, let’s try superovulation and increase my chances.

On Monday I will have an ultrasound and bloodwork before having a “teaching session” on injectibles! I will be on Bravelle with an Orvidel trigger (maybe I’ll explain all this in detail later for the fertiles). On CD 2-5 I will start shooting up! Actually DH will be shooting me up so he feels like “part of the process.”

I have such a mixture of emotions about this. I am happy to have something to move foward on. I’m happy that my doctor listened to my wishes and is willing to let me start with superovulation rather than a natural cycle.

I am also terrified! Slightly afraid of the procedure itself – the shots, etc. Mostly I am terrified that it won’t work. I know that it can take multiple cycles for IUI to work but as devistating as every month’s HPT are now I can’t imagine the disappointment of a failed IUI. And then the terror that it won’t work repeatedly and we will be stuck with an option we can’t afford (IVF) or an option that will marginalize one of us (donor reproduction).

Try to focus on the positive right? Hopefully I will be pregnant by the end of the year.

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